Monday, August 23, 2010


Welcome to the public forum of 'For Real Democracy NZ Inc' We ask for and need your support in our endeavours to halt the erosion of democracy in New Zealand. Citizens are increasingly dispossessed of a voice in the mangagement of our lives and nation by an outdated political structure that places short term poltical gain against the greater good of society. By instituting Binding Referenda into parliamentary law the citizens voice is preserved and real democracy regained. Let us build a society that we will be proud to hand to our children.
Mike Waring


  1. amazing! dd is a rare bird, i have been searching for an effective champion for many years, and you are probably not that. still, we live in hope.

    'purple?' no, a useful ginger device, but you are suggesting revolution, not a day at the races. there will be no, that is none, action from parliament until you demonstrate an ability to create early retirement in their ranks.

    i have written about this process in my blog, in an american context, you will need to do something similar.

    this is revolution, you must change the constitution so that citizen initiative is the creation of the sovereign citizenry, not a privilege extended by parliament and monarch. if they can extend, they can withdraw, and will at earliest opportunity.

  2. progress is as i expected, if not worse. people raised on a diet of grass do not suddenly get up on their hind legs and march toward parliament house with noose and torch.

    there is a moslem philosopher called ibn kaldun in the west, who made a case that community character set limits on behavior, and was hard to change. he was right, and english speakers seldom break out of fore-lock tugging mode.

  3. Mike waring says: Can't disagree with you Al.... or Ibn Kaldun. Progress is always incremental when ingrained inter-generational behavioural concepts are challenged. However,there are always those media bred animals who desire to walk up to parliament on two legs and join their 'Mr Pilkingtons' It is those animals that realisation must come. No one said it would be easy but we are working at it. It all will have an effect somewhere. All truth goes through three phases.
    1. First, it is ridiculed.
    2. Second, it is violently opposed.
    3. Third, it is accepted as being self evident.

  4. Hi, well said, but maybe if we start off this system in local body politics eventually it will boil over into the whole of the country.

  5. Seem well thought out but in need of a nudge